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You can make a difference. Help to prevent the climate change in the most effective way with us – and make some significant profit along the way. Daydreaming? Not at all.
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We deliver geoenergy fields for ground source heating and cooling especially for large properties and industries, and provide consulting services for geoenergy projects.

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The entire service chain reliably from one supplier.

1 Consultation and preliminary study

Consultation and preliminary study

We provide consulting for the cost and life cycle profit calculations and implementations of large projects. We also provide help in advancing projects that are already in progress.x
2 Measurement of bedrock (trt)

Measurement of bedrock (trt)

In large geoenergy systems, a TRT (thermal response test) measurement of bedrock is necessary to optimize the efficiency of the energy field and geoenergy system. The measurement gives information on the thermal properties of the ground. This prevents under- or oversizing the field.x
3 Planning the geoenergy field

Planning the geoenergy field

The number, depth and spacing of the energy wells must be designed according to the needs of the property. We will investigate the geoenergy conditions in the area and evaluate how geoenergy can be utilized in the site. We ensure optimal operation of energy fields by using international EED design and a modelling program.x
4 Drilling


Our drilling work includes drilling energy wells, collecting and transporting rock dust for further processing and installing the collection pipeline from the well to the heat pump.x
5 Purchasing a heat pump

Purchasing a heat pump

We will consult for the purchase of a suitable heat pump if needed.x
6 Sustainable geoenergy solution

Sustainable geoenergy solution

We grant a 10-year warranty for our work and materials. The measurements and calculations made by our experts guarantee the reliability of the system and the sufficiency of geoenergy for decades to come.x
7 System maintenance

System maintenance

Energy wells do not require maintenance. The maintenance of the heat pump and the heat distribution compartment will be arranged with the dealer.x

Why choose geoenergy?

Geoenergy is an investment into the future. Geoenergy is an environmentally friendly way to heat and cool properties. The operating costs of the system are low and easily predictable. Geoenergy will provide significant savings during the life cycle of the property. Ask for more

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60, 000
Energy wells drilled in the Nordic countries
€60 M
Turnover 2021
People employed
Modern drilling units
Geoenergy has an established position in a sustainable society, today and in the future. By storing and saving energy we can save both money and the environment.

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