CO2 emissions saved with Rototec’s geoenergy increased again - 275 850 tons saved last year

In 2007 established Rototec Group drilled last year over 7000 energy wells and has now reached over 58 000 drilled energy wells in the Nordics. The company has grown into Europe’s largest company in the geoenergy branch and the wells Rototec has drilled saved last year 275 850 tons of CO2

Rototec has drilled over 58 000 geoenergy wells in the Nordics offering free energy which correlates to 668 556 oil barrels. This saved cumulatively 275 850 000 kilos CO2 emissions in year 2020 alone (238  890 000 kilos in 2019). In comparison with this amount of carbon emissions you fly one-way 240 497 times from Helsinki to Bangkok or drive 49 259 times around the world. Transfer to geoenergy supports well achievement of climate targets.

During 2020 the company could ensure its operations through good project planning, well managed implementations and readiness for changes due to quickly changing environment because of COVID-19. Turnover stayed on a good level and was over 51 million (56.7 million in 2019. The company implemented over 3000 projects last year and the current average of well depth is 237 meters including all the segments from small to medium and large.

” We are growing profitably according to our strategy and had a good result last year despite COVID-19. We are developing our operations and production all the time to stay as the pioneer in geoenergy and this year we will see many interesting projects such as HYBGEO project which aim is to drill semi-deep wells (600-1000 meters) cost-effectively”, tells Alexej von Bagh, CEO, Rototec Group.

Rototec is the largest geoenergy provider in the Europe and the company offers all the services from consulting and design of geoenergy fields to their implementation. The company has headquarters in Finland and several offices in different locations in Sweden and Norway.

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Joanna Viileinen, Marketing and Communications Manager, Rototec Group, or tel. +358 40 538 33 66

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Rototec is the Europe’s largest provider of geoenergy solutions and innovative pioneer in the field. Geoenergy is renewable energy, which can be collected from the ground. With geoenergy it is possible to heat and cool properties of all sizes. Rototec’s comprehensive concept covers the whole process from consulting and design of energy systems to their implementation. Rototec Group was established in 2007 and the company operates in Scandinavia. The revenue of the company in 2020 was approx. 51 million euros.