Corona took my job in a restaurant, now I have a new career as a driller

Markku Martikainen lost everything during the spring 2020 due to COVID-19. He lost his job at a restaurant and his own business within NERF games. Luckily, he found a new career as a Geoenergy Driller soon.

” I had been in the restaurant business for four years as a Waiter and Shift Manager. I had also my own business to bring NERG games to young people everywhere also to small village schools. Corona came and I lost everything”, tells Markku about his tough spring 2020.

Markku, who has been working in many fields before did not however mourn the lost for long. He heard through the grapevine that there might be a possibility to start a new career as Geoenergy Driller. Now he has been in his new job for a few months.  

” I grabbed this chance straight away and I am really happy about my new job. Driller’s work is very interesting and versatile. All the project sites, environments and circumstances are different.  Every workday is different. In this job as in the restaurant business customer service is in an important role so there is a lot advantage from my past experiences”, says Markku.

Before restaurant business Markku has also experience from warehouse work and he has also done piercings and worked in a farm,

” I have done everything from agriculture to service sector and at drillers job all this is combined, from working with heavy machinery to customer service. In this job I can also affect my own salary with hard work which suits me fine”, tells Markku.

The future of geoenergy Markku sees as bright and believes that there will be work also in the future.”I would still like to continue my NERF business as I see that it is important to encourage children to move more and I am planning to start this work soon as well.”