From Coder to Driller

Perttu’s career path is perhaps not the most usual as he worked as a Coder before entering to Geoenergy Driller’s work. But he did not enjoy Coder’s work at all.

”I am originally from country side and used to physical work in the fresh air in the outdoors and missed that a lot. In the army I got used to work with different machines and trucks. I saw also the physical problems people got from sitting at the office so changing work started to tempt. With driller’s work you can keep up basic condition easily”, tells Perttu about his career change.

”I really like driller’s work, you get to see the results of your work straight away. We have great team spirit and sparring inside the team and you can work freely according to your own schedule. You can get hints and tips all the time from you colleagues and no matter how long you have been in the field you can always learn something new. Equipment develops all the time and there is always new technology”, says Perttu.

Perttu has had same working partner for 10 years, Eemeli Aho with whom he shares usage of drilling machine so that Perttu works three days and has four days off. Perttu decided to apply to be a driller since he heard about an open vacancy at Rototec as a Geoenergy Driller from his friend who already worked at Rototec as a Driller.

”I have not regretted switching careers even a single day. Sometimes there is a lot of work to do but you must always remember to have enough rest also and keep your holidays. At Rototec work safety is taken well into consideration and there are big investments made into it. I think this is great and I feel that work safety is very important issue to raise. I am myself dedicated to developing these issues constantly together with Rototec. Water handling is something which has really been a big focus for us, and maintenance of equipment works really well. At Rototec we have more water handling conts and other equipment in use that many others do”, Perttu mentions.

As challenging in his job Perttu mentions tight spaces in the city centers but all this he has been able to overcome with careful planning and utilizing knowledge from past experiences.

In his spare time Perttu has built own house for the past year and his 5 children go for a hobby as well. It is nice to spend time with family and friens e.g. by fishing and walking in the nature. Perttu plays also piano and organ and with this he can really get his mind off work which is also good sometimes.

”I see Rototec’s future as really good one, this field is growing and the company has had a great growth speed in the past few years. This work suits me really well and I believe to continue in this job as long as possible”, Perttu finishes off.