Information regarding continuity of our projects due to COVID-19

Dear customer,

We are facing an unusual situation in the markets due to Corona virus outbreak. For us at Rototec, it is important to secure the safety of our employees, subcontractors and you, our customers but also the continuity of our projects. We have a continuity plan in place to make sure that our projects continue as planned but we are also taking measures to make sure that our employees, subcontractors and you stay safe.

We are favoring remote work when possible at the moment and our meetings are held remotely also if possible or in small groups. With today’s technology, we can make sure that project communication is taken care of and we will inform you regarding your projects as before. Project sites are continuing to be taken care of as before with small amendments in the work processes. We have enough supplies in stock to continue with our current and future projects. We have made backup arrangements to ensure the operations of the supply chain. There might be some challenges with transfers of drilling units over borders but currently we have no restrictions on production capacity.

We honor our commitments and will make sure that everything goes as smooth as possible even during these difficult times. We also value our cooperation with you and appreciate honest dialogue. Any further information regarding your project, please contact your project’s Project Manager.