Rototec’s mission is in line with our summer trainee Elina Bak’s future plans

In the summer spirit we decided to introduce our summer trainee Elina Bak, who works as a Project Manager in Finland this summer. It is nice to hear what a young newcomer thinks about working at Rototec.

Elina studies international degree of Energy and Environmental Engineering at Tampere Polytechnic and will continue her studies in the third year in the forthcoming autumn.

“This field is very versatile and full of opportunities, so it is great to be involved with geoenergy in the front row. Rototec’s mission is definitely in line with what I want to do in the future and which I believe in”, Elina tells.  

In addition to Project Manager’s work Elina has been able to familiarize herself with geoenergy design also. In practice her work includes all the same as other Project Manager’s and she is doing this job fully and keeps things rolling while other Project Managers are enjoying their earned summer holiday. She is managing the projects so that everything goes according to the project plan and informs all the parties of the project on what is going on and when.

“Sometimes there are some problems, but I have great colleagues always to give advice if I am not sure myself. Working environment at Rototec is very casual but professional and I have really enjoyed working here from the day one”, says Elina.

“It is also nice to drive through beautiful Finnish landscape to different project sites and get to know more of Rototec’s talented people and interesting projects and nice customers”, Elina continues.

In her free time Elina likes to try new recipes and bake, read a lot of books, and do voluntary work.

We wish Elina great summer at Rototec and thank you for the interview!